In the 1970's, we were the architects for a $1 million addition to the original building, to house a theatre and associated support facilities.

During the 1990's, we were the selected architects for a phased project involving the construction of a large addition and the complete renovations of the existing building, meeting a construction budget of $6 million.

The addition was organized around a central Main Street, accented by a high galleria with a barrel-vaulted roof.  Along this

Client:  University of Victoria

Services:  Architecture

Cost:  $10 M

Size:  5,300 M2

Completion:  1975/95

Location:  Victoria, British Columbia

space were located food and beverage facilities and other small-scale student-oriented retail outlets.  Surrounding the central space were a state-of-the-art nightclub, a major flexible multi-purpose room and a student pub.  Outdoor patios and plazas provide social and gathering spaces and merge the building with the surrounding landscape.

Since completion, we have executed a continuing series of renovations and upgrades as User needs and technology evolve.